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London Language College is an institution located in London, UK, with a full license to implement English programmes at all levels, from certificate to diploma (Diploma and Degree). The UK government licenses London Language College with UKRLP code (UK Register of Learning Providers) number 10087369. London Language College is also approved to participate in the UK government’s ESFA (the Education and Skills Funding Agency) program.

The entire English program of CEFR English collaborates with LRN UK. LRN is a degree-granting unit in UK, accredited and recognised by Ofqual. 100% of CEFR English programmes are accredited by Ofqual, accredited in the UK, in Europe and other countries applying or recognising the CEFR competency framework.

Learners can visit Oqual UK site to check the accreditation of each program based on the inspection code. Specifically:

  • CEFR English A1 passed the UK.Gov Ofqual inspection code 603/0506/X. Check Here
  • CEFR English A2 passed the UK.Gov Ofqual inspection code 603/0524/1. Check Here
  • CEFR English B1 passed the UK.Gov Ofqual inspection code 601/8050/X. Check Here
  • CEFR English B2 passed the UK.Gov Ofqual inspection code 601/8051/1. Check Here
  • CEFR English C1 passed the UK.Gov Ofqual inspection code 601/8055/9. Check Here
  • CEFR English C2 passed the UK.Gov Ofqual inspection code 601/8054/7. Check Here


CEFR is a 6-level competency framework for Vietnam according to Circular No. 01/2014/TT-BGDĐT of the Ministry of Education and Training dated January 21st, 2014.

Circular 01/2014/TT-BGDĐT at point III, The compatibility level between the Vietnamese Foreign Language Competency Framework and the Common European Framework of Reference states:

The Vietnam Foreign Language Competency Framework was developed on the basis of reference and application of CEFR and some English proficiency frameworks of other countries, combined with the actual situation and conditions of teaching, learning and using foreign languages in Vietnam. Vietnam. KNLNNVN is divided into 3 ranks (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) and 6 levels (from Level 1 to Level 6 and compatible with levels from A1 to C2 in CEFR).

According to Document No. 1599/KTKDCLGD-KĐH dated October 6th, 2016, Sections 2 and 3 defined Ofqual as the UK’s diploma and examination regulation agency. Section 3 also clearly states:

English certificates from prestigious international organisations, compatible with the levels at CEFR will be recognised according to the compatible levels in the 6-level foreign language competency framework for Vietnam.

On August 3rd, 2016, the Ministry of Education and Training issued Official Letter No. 3755/BGDDT-GDTX to the Departments of Education and Training stating:

The acceptance of any foreign language proficiency certificate/certification and the validity period of the certificate/certification shall be decided by the Chairman of the People’s Committee of the province/city directly under the Central Government or the Director of the Department of Education and Training (If authorised by the Chairman of the People’s Committee of the province/city directly under the Central Government) consider and decide based on the requirement of foreign language ability for the job position.

CEFR English is an English program established according to the common European competency framework, CEFR, accredited and recognised by Ofqual UK (12 accreditation and recognition codes for A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) by there:

 CEFR English is recognised in Vietnam, equivalent to the 6-level competency framework for Vietnam.

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